Working with me

Who do I work with?

I work with individuals and couples, from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds, religions and sexual orientations who find themselves in a difficult place and are uncertain of how to move forward to create change or resolve issues.

What is sex therapy?

For many people sex is an enjoyable fun and exciting part of their life, but for some it causes fear, pain and anxiety. In sex therapy, I work with you (and potentially your partner) to improve and change this situation by using exercises and talking therapy to enable you to reach a better understanding of your emotions, desires and needs and to achieve the experience you want in your sex life.

What’s it like working with me?

  • I work in a humanistic, integrative way, which means that I align my approach to your personal preferences and goals rather than fitting your issues into a predetermined theory. My focus is on how you are living your life now and how you can feel more satisfied in the world.
  • I believe that people have the ability to solve many of their issues but sometimes need support and help in understanding and seeing a way forward. Looking at the past can be helpful in acknowledging the impact it may have on our current situation.
  • I believe each individual is unique and has the strength within them to overcome challenges and difficulties to become the person they want to be within the world. I want to help each person I work with to understand who they really are and have connections with others who accept them.
  • I want to help people have a better life, understand why they act in certain ways and what impact their behaviour has on themselves and others. Ultimately, I want the people I work with to be able to choose what is right for them in a clear-sighted, well-informed way.
  • I work to allow people to see, value and respect themselves and others in order to move forward and, if needed, make changes in their relationships.
  • I use plain English and avoid psycho-babble, with a real-world approach rooted in my experience, maturity and humanity, and strive to work in a relaxed, encouraging way. I offer acceptance but, where needed, am prepared to challenge you in a respectful way.
  • Having many years’ experience working with individuals and couples, I bring insight, honesty, compassion and a sense of possibility to my work, either through face-to-face or online video appointments.

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